I offer a range of services in terms of beauty and fashion make up. I provide make up for events (such as weddings, ceremonies, and fashion shows/shoots), advertising and media, film and television, and even for personal wear. I would be more than happy to help you look as beautiful as you feel on your special day!


I’m available and regularly work on set within the film industry. My experience and education has me very prepared for film make up; for both beauty and regular make up as well as special FX. Film and television are ¬†truly an invigorating work experience. Working within the many constraints of film (time, budget, etc..), I’m forced to improvise and problem solve quite frequently. Working within these constraints and putting my problem solving skills to the test, truly makes me passionate about what I do, and really gets my creativity pumping!


I provide special FX and prosthetic work for film, as well as horror based¬†events. I also provide prop and sculpture creation for both personal use or film. Sculptures, masks, full prosthetic wounds, and working props are among the many creations I have produced. Being able to create things from my imagination or a concept is always an amazing experience, especially when the final product is something incredibly visual that you can also touch and feel. Using my hands to sculpt, paint, and create amazing effects is something I’m incredibly passionate about, and I channel this passion into my FX and prosthetic work.

For all services I will work with you from concept to completion, in order to deliver the best possible result that suits you or your project. I take my work very seriously and strongly believe that all clients deserve the best possible end product, that captures their vision. For further details on my services or to enquire about pricing and quotes please contact me from any of my listed contact details HERE

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